Goal Zero supplied us with a review sample of their Torch 250 to test and I was expecting to find their usual, a quality product that holds up to the elements and does what it promises.

What I found was a completely new way of thinking….a complete mindset shift.

The Goal Zero Torch 250 is so innovative and so different from everything else out there that it forces you to think differently about a flashlight’s role in survival and prepping. Should a flashlight be just a simple way to see at night, or could a flashlight be more?

After all, the #1 rule of bug out bags, or packing for a camping trip in general, is that everything in your pack should have at least three uses.

And, once you think about it, a flashlight is the best portable power source you’ll have out in the bush. But no one has ever capitalized on this…

….Until now.

Our Goal Zero Torch 250 Review

Before I start this Goal Zero Torch 250 flashlight review, I should confess that I always thought a flashlight should be small and bright and last a long time… and that was about it.

If I ever needed a flashlight I would usually buy the cheapest one available. Sometimes I would splurge a little for features like zoom or a couple of different modes, but that was really about it.

Given that, I was honestly curious what would make me pay $67 for a flashlight. After playing with the Goal Zero Torch 250 for a couple of weeks I now understand EXACTLY what that is, and I don’t think I’m EVER going back.

Here’s why….

First Impressions

The green and black packaging is simple yet descriptive, and the only item in the box is the Goal Zero Torch 250.

When I opened the box I was staring at a completely different type of beast, something I honestly didn’t expect.

Was I even looking at a flashlight? Maybe, yes. Of course. It’s obviously a flashlight with its multiple light options. But I really felt like I was looking at so much more.

The Torch 250 is not only a flashlight, but also a portable solar power bank. And a powerful one too, one that I would come to learn is capable of charging nearly anything via USB, including your smartphone.

With two separate flashlight options and a flood light, I knew this would be a good flashlight too. There was no doubt there. But the built in female USB port and multiple charging options is what really intrigued me.