Fighting the cold is easy when it comes to keeping your core warm. All that body mass tends to produce enough heat to warm itself. What isn’t easy is keeping extremities like your hands warm. As anyone with cold hands knows, gloves are much less effective when your hands aren’t radiating a lot of heat.

The logical solution is heated gloves. However, battery power limits how long the gloves will be effective. Seirus’ newest Heat Touch gloves tackle this problem head on. The new Hellfire heated gloves are the world’s first glove to provide all-day heat.

To get that all-day battery life, Hellfire gloves use a new rechargeable, ultra-lightweight battery. In turn, this powers Seirus’ Flexible Fusion heat panels to bring heat to the entire hand. At the touch of a button, users can adjust between three levels of heat to meet their preference. On a single charge, the gloves can stay powered on for up to twelve hours on the low-level heat setting. Medium heat will last up to eight hours while high heat will last up to four. That’s about double the existing Heat Touch gloves.