It has always been important to us to be able to partner with brands that have products we believe in, but also the people that embody the same values, commitment, philanthropic spirit, energy and soul that we do. We spent the last 6 months researching and speaking with CBD brands all over the country knowing we wanted to add the best to our agency. It is only fitting on 4/20 we share with you that we are now representing two new brands in the explosive CBD industry. Charlotte’s Web and Life Bloom Organics. One was born in the mountains of Colorado. The other, from the salt,sand and sea in LA. 

Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado is the worlds leading brand in the production and distribution of innovative hemp-based cannabidiol ( CBD) wellness products. The Stanley brothers are pioneers and leaders in the cannabis industry. The brothers have helped transform laws and lives in the uncharted territories of plant based science and health. They have a complete range of hemp oils, isolates, capsules gummies, topical balms and creams. Oh, and a complete Pet Product line too! Their motto; Do well by doing good. And that is what we plan to do as well. @charlotteswebcbd 


Life Bloom Organics is an LA based health and wellness company that is a huge hit with the skate and surf community. They have created plant based wellness products that feature their proprietary “Nano” hemp extract formula to help people feel their best. This nanotechnology is exclusive to Life Bloom Organics. The water based formula breaks the cannabidiol down to a molecular level which allows for a higher body absorption rate and accelerates effect. 5 formulas are available in their micronized spray collection. Wellness, Recovery, Sleep, PMS ( yes, for the ladies!) and the newest formula.... Intimacy. Bow chica wow wow. In addition to the nano sprays they have a quick dissolve tablet collection in the same formulas, and add to the mix their topical muscle recovery lotion and balm. @lifebloomorganics Our Specialty Sport retailers need to get into CBD. We can help guide you and educate you on all of the benefits of CBD.